Support for ISRAEL Development & Policy Development:

- ISRAEL Internal Policy Development

- ISRAEL Foreign Policy Development

- ISRAEL-US Policy Development 


- ISRAEL-Christian Development

- ISRAEL-Africa Development

Investments in Democracy & Equal Protection Under The Law

At Management & Strategy Consulting, we offer Policy Development in :

- Restoring Democracy

- Voting Rights

- Automatic Voter Registration and Same Day Registration

- Restoring Voting Rights to Disenfranchised Voters

- No Taxation without Representation

- Ending Emergency Management

- Equal Treatment Under the Law

- Immigration Reform

- First Nations Sovereignty

Investments in Domestic Tranquility

MStrategy & Company has Policy Development in :

- The Right to a Living Wage Job

- Full Employment and a Federal Job Guarantee

- Living Wages, Unions and Equal Pay for Equal Work

- Infrastructure Development

- The Right to Social Welfare

- A Secure Safety Net

- A Right to Affordable Housing

- Measuring Poverty

Investments in an Equitable Economy

At Management & Strategy has Equitable Economy Policy Development:


- Toward A Moral Tax Code

- Revise Income, Investment, and Estate Taxes on the Wealthiest Americans

- Fair Taxes on Large Corporations

- Fair Taxes on Wall Street

- Narrowing the Racial Wealth Divide

Investments in Life and Health

MStrategy & Company Policy Development:

- Health Care for All

- Expand Medicaid

- Protect and Secure Medicare

- Towards Universal Health Care

- Equal Treatment for Mental Health and Substance Use

Indigenous and Native Health

Investments in Our Futur

At Management & Strategy has Equitable Economy Policy Development:


- High Quality Eduation

- Early Learning, Childcare and Head Start

- K-12 Education

- Higher Education and Free College

- Inclusion for All: Undocumented Youth, HBCUs and Tribal Schools

Investments in Peace and the Common Defense

MStrategy & Company Policy Development:

- Ending the Culture of War

- Reducing Military Spending

- Diplomatically-Centered Foreign Policy

- Ending Militarism at Home

- Eliminating Militarism in Immigration

- Eliminating Militarism in Policing and Mass Incarceration

- Ending Easy Access to Firearms

Investments in the Planet

At Management & Strategy has Equitable Economy Policy Development:


- Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

- Addressing Climate Change through Clean Energy

- A Model for Federal Action on Renewable Energy

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